Agile and DevOps training

Transform and Jumpstart your career, start your Agile and DevOps career today!! Looking for a career change or boost your skillset? Start your Agile, and DevOps career by getting in- person training from AgileTek Inc’s experienced trainers. In person training allows you to learn in a small classroom environment and get more personalized attention that is not possible in web-based training. We provide you introduction through advanced training in Agile methodologies, Full stack and DevOps technologies including AWS. Whether you're an individual consultant wishing to enhance your management and technical capabilities, looking to transform performance through a comprehensive development strategy, we have the training solutions for you. Courses currently offered are:

1) Introduction to Agile: Covers various methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban and Extreme programming and their applicability.

2) Intermediate Agile: Covers Release planning, Sprint planning, Poker planning, User story writing workshop.

3) Advanced Agile: Covers all aspects of Agile methodologies for developers, testers and Project manager.

1) Introducing DevOps: Building better software and teams using DevOps techniques. This course is designed for leaders looking to understand what DevOps is and how it can change your team’s culture.

2) Introduction to DevOps Practitioner: This is a hands-on course that teaches you what goes into building an Automated Pipeline for code deployment using open source technology centered around continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). It looks at best practices across all the areas and covers technologies such as git, Gitlab, Maven, Jenkins, Docker, and Ansible.

3) Introduction to Git and Docker: This workshop based course provides hands on exposure to GIT on the command line, through GUIs and onto servers such as GITHub. You will learn how GIT works, explore strategies to work with it effectively. Introduction to Docker Docker is an open source containerisation platform for distributed applications with the guiding principle of construct once, run anywhere. Docker is designed to be both platform and hardware agnostic, so once the Docker container is setup, it will run seamlessly whether on your laptop or the cloud.

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